The End of Summer

august evenings

long rides home

happy hour sushi

national donut day

farmers market mornings

polka dot shoes

retail store shift work

winery windows

red eye cookies

fleshy orange peaches

victorias secret trips

cake batter pancakes

small venue concerts

giant ball pits

baseball games

date nights

and sunshine


this has been my summer so far. i’ve been focusing on living. on loving the hard things. on embracing the stony ground. on finding joy in every moment. girl dates. dance parties. hand-holding in public.


tomorrow i leave home on a one-way flight to chicago to get a belated start on college. it’s a new adventure, but i’m hopeful. i don’t know how often i’ll be around on here, but don’t forget about me, okay?




ps. for those of you who want to follow my life more closely, i update my instagram daily. follow along here.