Video Blog: My Favorite Books

Find out what books make up my “Top Five” favorites! And then please supply me with your favorite titles as well, so that I might have more books to read and fall in love with.

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Video Blog: Am I All Alone?

Sometimes it can seem so discouraging to be the only person you know you writes. Through the years, I’ve found myself asking the question, “Am I all alone?” so many times. If you’ve ever wondered the same thing, this video might be helpful for you this morning!


P.S. The funny thing is, I filmed this video back in August, and since then God has brought another writer friend into my life! So guess what–He does provide friends in time. Just hang in there!

Video Blog: Making Your Villains Villainous

This was a question that was sent to me by one of my readers and that I’m attempting to answer in a video blog today: How do I make my villains villainous? While I’m a little bit out of my comfort zone (I write historical fiction, for pete’s sake), I’ll attempt to shed a little bit of insight on the topic!

Please let me know if you have any more questions you’d like answered in an upcoming blog entry!


Video Blog: The Nerves Factor

It’s every writer’s worst nightmare. Someone–be it your sister, best friend, aunt, old lady at church, or random stranger you’ve met before–is reading your book. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

How do you deal with those nerves that come with others reading your work?

Please send me any more questions you have ( and I’ll answer them on the blog!



Video Blog: Why Write Fiction?

Time for a new group of video blogs! I was thinking the other day about how fiction books tend to get a bad rep, especially in the Christian community, so I decided to vlog about why Christians can and should write fiction!

Have you ever heard the argument that Christians shouldn’t write fiction? What makes you write fiction anyway?


Video Blog: The Story Behind My First Story

It’s been a while since I’ve done a video blog since my computer has been broken for a month now! (Unfortunately, my laptop is completely dead and I need to get a new computer–sob!) So I borrowed my sister’s laptop to make a video blog today. The quality is… unfortunate… but I think my cheerfulness and smiling face make up for that! ;)

Here is the story behind my first story.