I know we’re five days into the new year, but I can’t help thinking over some of the moments that made up the last…


The glory of mountains and snow

White sauce pizza with fresh sliced tomatoes


The ice and cold of Chicago

Dancing the night away together

Freshly fallen snow in Virginia

Days warm enough to wear sandals and buy flowers

Girlfriends + pancakes on Galentines Day


Sunny picnics with my special someone

Making me laugh by the water as the sun set

All the world’s a stage…

Exploring art museums

The magic of ordinary moments


Something close to sacred

Afternoon walks with my cousin


Sunsets in the Keys

Lunch with my ninety year old best friend


Free donuts at Krispy Kreme

Good reads and big hats

The moment right before the sun disappears


Fourth of July pies

Farmers market mornings complete with fresh flowers and peaches

Still not over MachineHeart’s sound


Mini burgers for all

Girl gang xoxo

New school, new world


Dressing with a capital D

Art that can fly

On the brink of twenty

Birthday aftermath


Typical college shenanigans involving pumpkins

Explorations in the city

Heart eyes


Breakfast with MacKenzie

Me + You

First snow



Christkindl Market

Happy Holla Days

Merry Xmas from da hood



2015 was a wonderful year and I’m thankful for all the friends and moments that made it that way. 


4 thoughts on “Retrospect

  1. So much F. U. N. FUN! I absolutely LOVE all of your posts Rachel! Please keep on blogging; your posts are vibrant, lively, positive, and always delightful to read.

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